The Süka Pipe is a smooth, efficient travel pipe that looks like it's from outer space

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Smoking adverts? Waiting for a Phillip Morris spruik next.

No, this is the other kind of smoking.

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yeah BB store is pro weird toking devices. Which is fine(though the multitool with built in bowl looked like a reach), but I prefer to extract cannabinoids at sub-combustion temperatures (I think we still call it ‘vaping’ but it has nothing to do with juul-esque juice).




Vaping dried cannabis flower precedes Juul, etc. by ~20 years. Juul should have to come up with a new term, not us dope fiends.

Proof: I bought an “original” BC vaporizer on my 10th anniverary, and #31 is next week. Even more sketchy than this example of the form; mine had a more flower-like platform (between the glass and base). Painted rainbow colours. Glass bowl was penta- or hexagon shaped, likely re-purposed jelly jars. Heater was a brand-name, (possibly Weller), soldering iron, between 25 & 35 watt. No temperature regulation, so you stopped when the weed eventually became. We didn’t do the ABV trick… there wasn’t anything worth extracting at that point.

If I sound anti-vape or anti-Juul, I’m not. I loves me a well-packed bowl of giggle grass from the legal patch out back, but I also like my Pax 3 with the ~90% THC concentrate cartridge; so much easier to hit in bed.

I believe vaped concentrates will be the daily driver for most folk in the not-too-distant future. I envision a process where the raw plant is cut at the roots, stripped off the stalks (diverted for fiber or mulch or whatevs), and the rest of the plant goes into the solvent extraction machine. Yes, all the rest, trichromes, hairs, frosty leaves, a few ladybugs, and even the useless fan leaves. Simply easier to remove the undesirables (chlorophyll, etc.) in the extraction process. Don’t even take the time & effort to dry it.

And before I get jumped on: there can still be dried flower for those who want it. And hash, budder, kief, edibles. Just like we have hundreds of beer, wine, and spirit options, everyone can enjoy what they like.


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