Jeremy Corbyn: damned right we're a threat to the economic order

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No… this will never be allowed.

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I, for one, welcome our communist, self-organising cooperative AI overlords.


For a lot of us, the Socialist surgical cure is beginning to look a lot less threatening than living with the Capitalist cancer.


I have been realising that bit by bit for the last 20 years.


Mutualism but with Benders? Now I’m interested.

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That’s kind of refreshing.

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Yet another politician claiming he’ll bite the hand that feeds him.

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I don’t think any of the hands that feed the current UK governing politicos and much of the right/centre “New Labour” mob are likely to be feeding Jeremy Corbyn. If he gets into govt though, …


Where is Magnus Robot Fighter when you need him?!

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Laura Kuenssberg is treading awfully cautiously these days. I suspect she’s starting to wonder just how unelectable Corbyn will be next time - or Miliband, if he comes back now Corbyn has found a way past Dacre.

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I don’t personally know any vegan socialist poor peeps. Perhaps in Old Blighty that’s a demographic? Here in the US of A, that’s like one shouty deranged guy harassing passersby per metropolitan area.

I guess this is yet another case where I hope people’s enthusiasm is warranted, but I fear that it’s not. All my best hopes and wishes for y’all, in any case.

I don’t think you intended that in any way badly, but describing Mrs. Corbyn as a “black chick” seems derogatory to me. She’s a South American woman. How would you describe Mrs. Clegg?

Corbyn has made the opposite journey from me - I’m a Londoner now living a bit south of Bath, whereas he’s from Chippenham, not far away, and has moved to north London. I will merely mention a comment made by Michael Schumacher about Jenson Button, another local lad from around here, that he had the necessary temperament to last in F1 because he had grown up in a small town, and people from that background tend to stay rooted in reality.
North London has large enclaves of socialism, enthusiastic allotment keepers and the rest of it. So do we. They are certainly not


I think he means Diane Abbott.

Derogatory still applies depending on how you feel about calling women ‘chicks’.


Yes, I feel that’s derogatory.
I knew that DA was part of his selected set but I have been amazed in the past at how many Americans refer to people who are shades of brown as “black”, so given the plural I was unsure. It isn’t derogatory to call people “black”, but to me “black chick” unless it’s a self description by a young black woman comes over as unpleasant.


My comment was flagged. I didnt mean to be derogatory. I was refering to the well documented relationship he had with Diane Abbott, but also the great kindness he showed to my mum.

I suppose she was too old to sensibly be referred to as a “chick” but i certainly didnt mean to offend by it. I do stand corrected. So instead i will say that Jezzer despite being an old geezer has always shown a refreshing willingness to integrate with the black community.

I didn’t flag it; I just thought you were being a bit tone deaf. Diane Abbott was one of the first, if not the first, black women to go to Cambridge and she’s academically extremely bright. Perhaps I’m a little oversensitive, but calling her a “black chick” seemed dismissive, as if she was defined by colour and gender only. Would you call Rabbi Julia Neuberger a “Jewish chick?”

Anyway, thanks for the confirmation.

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I didnt mean to suggest you did flag it. Sorry.

With respect to Rav Julia, yes i would normally refer to her as a jewish chick. Same as i would refer to Amartya Sen as an indian dude.

I draw the line at john mccain. He aint no dude.