Jeremy Corbyn to Morgan Stanley: you're goddamned right we're a threat to you


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“It’s like Cuba without the sun,” the executive said.



They will not rest until serfdom is brought back.


glances at people bound to the land, slaving away without end to keep from being made homeless I think that we’re there already, just about.



My personal reaction is to want to tousle Jeremy Corbyn’s little hairdo for being such a cheeky scamp, but that’s irrelevant. I’m curious how it plays with the frightened, vengeful authoritarians who form the Tories’ core support.

We know they like tough talk, so the question is whether it upsets them to hear it aimed at the financial sector. I suspect that, despite what Tory politicians and newspapers say, Tory voters don’t give much of a shit about the City, and might respond to this more warmly than the Murdoch-funded consensus would suggest.


Fine. I guess we’ll not rest until the guillotine is brought back.


I prefer using the trebuchet instead. Am I weird?


The finance industry makes money from money. And that’s OK, but how much money do they need to make? The average working stiff can break his back every week and never get ahead, while these guys sit back and let money accumulate like growing bacteria in a petri dish. They should be thankful that they can make so much money by doing nothing more than signing papers and giving handshakes and moving figures around on a computer, when people in other industries from the most menial laborer to the most lauded scientist, actually have to do stuff and spend long tiring work weeks to make far less money.


So the finance industry thinks its likely that Corbyn will be in power soon?


Metalocalypse has weighed in on novel methods as well:


Yeah. Trebuchet? Pffft. Tired to a pine trunk, set ablaze, and launced into the sea by a giant mangonel.


Why can’t we have a president like him in the US?


Ehhh, to be fair finance guys put in long hours, have high stress and live hard. Not that I am sympathetic but they die youngish.


I go through phases of quixotically trying to persuade people not to say this. The finance industry does not make money; it obtains money. We might not have to keep re-explaining how banking is different to baking if we didn’t use the same words for both kinds of activity.


Hell of an endorsement, Morgan Stanley. Much appreciated.


me when speaking with others on the left: Jeremy seems pretty decent but is still limited by being part of the system he’s trying to fight and stuff
me when i see a conservative complain about Corbyn:


It’s a figure of speech. I think people know they aren’t printing money.


Ok, how about they don’t add value?


There’s no need to stoop to their level of cruelty.

Keep the pine tree out of it, and cryogenically freeze them below the waist, then set them on fire, then the mangonel.