Jerry Lewis’s last (Fore)Words


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The analysis reminds me of this:


That goes on for an entire hour?!


The third Nancy panel stands alone.


So I live in Seattle.

I often go down to George Town to eat breakfast at the Square Knot.

I always pass the Fantagraphics Book store to and from said diner.

Are they related to the publishing house?


That video is insane.


I rather enjoyed the discussion we had about this one.


Jeez, after all that, we don’t even get to see the Jerry Lewis foreword???


So is there any news about getting “The Day the Clown Cried” out of the vaults?


I’m so excited about this book that I can hardly stand it. It features several artworks from my own collection! I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS.




Me too, but I don’t think the Nancy people realized the Garfield analysis is a joke.

(I’m all for recognizing the genius of Nancy, but from the samples I think they’ve gone a bit overboard.)

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