Jezebel perseveres?

Jezebel Lives

Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 10:47:21a PST

Jezebel has been purchased by Paste Magazine!

Paste Magazine buys Jezebel weeks after closure with aim to ‘push boundaries’

Less than three weeks after the feminist US news site Jezebel was shuttered, news has emerged that the site has been acquired.

On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Paste Magazine, a music and culture publication, had acquired Jezebel and was looking to relaunch the site as quickly as Wednesday.

Josh Jackson, a co-founder and the editor in chief of Paste, told the Times that losing Jezebel in the current climate “just didn’t seem to make sense” and he wanted “to bring all of the best things from all of the eras” to the resurrected website.

This seems to be good news (about good news)

(meanwhile remains in a state of non-re-re-launch)


It’s finally back up and posting new stories now?


I guess we’ll have to see if the content picks up in the post G/O Media era; they were pretty hamstrung by Herb Spanfeller, not to mention the dog’s breakfast that the commenting system had devolved to. They still seem to be using kinja, with no immediate improvements from what I can see, but it’s very early days yet.

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