Jim Carrey in... The Shining

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This is really a lot better, technically, than the Stallone one. The forehead starts out too big but once he’s talking to his wife I was hard pressed to find errant pixels. God help us all.


Not a deepfake but still relevant.

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Man, Jim Carrey really nails Nicholson’s voice!


Jim Carrey is already a kind of biological deep fake.




That one is not convincing at all, clearly computer generated

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…is right. First, social media gives everyone the liberty to espouse their true hatefull selves, then deepfakes give others to espouse their true hateful selves on everyone else behalf. We are truly fucked.

not really; its just the original forehead of nicholson…
and the rest is just…very, very convincing. give it another year and nobody will be able to tell the difference from the “real” thing just from to look at it. the “fightClub”-clips were already extremly well done, but this…is nearly unfuckingbelivable.

ohhh yes, we are.

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Are people using GANs to fake voices yet? Surely that’s easier than video. For me, at least, this one feels more like a weird looking Nicholson than a weird sounding Carrey: I expect tone of voice and/or expressive style are necessary to transfer character. I think, i am looking. Forward to seeing actors transplanted between movies for some reason. And then politicians saying other people’s speeches etc. Stop me if this has been done before…

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Oh, absolutely. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/17/18629024/joe-rogan-ai-fake-voice-clone-deepfake-dessa

See also, even creepier:

@pesco and everyone else; you have to see the second part, this is fucking INSANE, seriously!

(yes, you have to log in to see it, but its absolutly worth it!)

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