Jimmy Fallon feeds corn to a capybara

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And the winner of the headline ‘phrase’ most likely to be fed into an A.I. text to image generator is…


That apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree! I’ll bet Steve is looking down with great laughs and smiles as his family continues to be amazing. Capybaras are nice guys. There are some tame ones wandering around in a park near Iquitos, Peru. Big babies for back rubs.


Irwin is holding the corn the way I learned to feed a horse, another herbivore, by hand: keep your hand flat so no fingers are sticking toward it, let the animal take the food from the flat of your palm. Jimmy might have had a problem if the capybara had proceeded further toward his hand if he kept using that “swordsman’s grip.”

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Jimmy be feeling the 55 gallon drum of Nope.

And then the band be feeling the feeling about the next “frog with teeth” guest. Don’t blame them. Just saying, “frog with teeth,” says nightmare fuel.

By the end of it, Jimmy’s hair looked two inches more vertical.

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