Capybaras relaxing in a spring-fed hot tub


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I wanna do that.


Apparently Capybaras are “fish”; allowing devout Catholics to eat them on Fridays.


Yay a reason to post Shonen Knife as it is the appropriate sound track for this.


I wouldn’t use present tense, i’m sure some people may eat them but not many do. This was more of a thing back in colonial times, restricting what catholics could eat meant that people who were already starving had even less options on what they could eat. They convinced the pope at the time to label the Capybaras fish so that they could have something to eat.

A song by my favorite band is directly related to this


Ear worm! Capybara bara bara capybara!


That could be, I think I remember it coming up as a factoid in a programme about Patagonia.


Isn’t Shonen Knife the appropriate sound track for everything?


If could assume animal form, I would be one of these hot tub Capybaras.


Capybaras kinda look like some not-quite-ready beta version for - what?


@beschizza is it just me? the instagram or whatever video part isn’t doing anything.


Sometimes I suspect that Capybaras are horses that haven’t yet realized they’ve been transformed into giant gerbils.

In Pokémon terms, the evolution sequence goes hamsterguinea pigCapybara.

Water-type, obviously.


Right-click and Download Video.

ETA Patsy Cline is an… interesting choice. Definitely more relaxing than Shonen Knife though.


I’d say at least water/psychic…I mean, that level of cuteness MUST come from some sort of mind control or something.


Is that a sneaky fart by the one nearest the camera at the end?


My enjoyment of this song is slightly tinted by the other associations I have with the term 'bara’
Think sexy firefighter calendars but with a way higher chance for explicit gay sex.


OMG… I am totally hetero male but that sounds like crazy fun stuff to check out.


They look as ‘tactile’ as cats!


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