Capybara invasion caught on camera


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I wish they’d invade the USA.


And you’d thought your warehouse had big rats


They look like bored shoppers at Walmart.


“Come on, over here, come on, come on here, oh! Everybody, this way, come on. Yes, let’s go.
Don’t give me an ugly look, or I will eat you.
NOT there!”


Just about my favorite animal ever.


They are conquering us with the power of ADORBS!


The Tick: What is wrong with my dog Speak?

Vet: He’s just a bit scared and a bit old. But he is not a dog at all, he’s Capybara

The Tick: He’s a rodent!?!

Vet: World’s largest


I thought I heard a threat to eat them if they didn’t do as he said. Good translation.


The things on the right at 9:20ish look a lot like the voting machines we use around here, in the parked and folded up form.



I was going to say that the guy is just trying to herd them out but i see someone beat me to it. Nothing of consequence/importance is said in the video :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to take care of capybaras at a zoo. My main impression of them - beyond how much they reminded me of silent, gigantic guinea pigs - was how much excrement they casually produced.


Much better than a chupacabra invasion, which is what I first saw when I misread the post title.

I need more coffee asap, clearly…


Make that coffee irish and you’ll be groovy


Yknow, just one of those guys would make a whole lot of lapin ragout.


Reminds me, one time i cracked a joke while at a zoo. I was right in front of the capybara exhibit and i mentioned something about them being ok to eat on good friday. I was disappointed when the guide did not pick up on my totally excellent lame historical/capybara joke ]:


“Não olhe feio para mim não. Se não como.”

And yeah, people eat these, especially Venezuelans. Tastes like pork.

Did you know that the Catholic Church ruled that they are fish and thus okay to eat during Lent?


I’m already struggling to stay awake, when I don’t even want to be at work; a ‘wee nip’ won’t help in that regard, especially with 6 hours left to go.


I’m Venezuelan and i’ve never even seen or heard of capybaras being offered as food. These are basically bush meat, only people that live in proximity to their natural range would be inclined to kill them for their meat. An uncle of mine owned a ranch out near the wilderness and he for sure has eaten them and other wild creatures, but mainly because his ranch was pretty remote. He’s since sold the property and has never had to eat wild game.


Is it me or are capybaras the most chill animals of all? Nothing phases them and they get along with everyone