Missouri pet capybara lost and then found

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I didn’t know you could have a capybaras as a pet!

I’m still getting over people having otters as pets… and I want one of THOSE too! (Though I don’t know if it is ethical or, in particular, legal where I live)


On quick search, nope, not good idea for otters, or me! Cute though!


JohnB posted this link that may give you paws.


Fun fact about capybaras, the Catholic Church considers them fish for the purposes of fasting in Lent. Depending on the level of observance and tradition, Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent, or for some, any Friday. That’s why your cafeteria always has fish and chips on Friday. But there are places in the world where there isn’t much fish to be had for eating. In these places, you are allowed by the church to eat beavers or capybaras and still be considered as observant. Both are aquatic mammals, and that’s close enough if you don’t have anything else. Capybaras are particularly popular in Venezuela.


I wanted a caracal (beautiful small wildcat) as a pet when I was in my early teens. I settled for a grey tabby, which was probably wise.


Also in the lost-and-found-pets-in-Missouri file:

The first time I ever saw capybara in the wild was in Panama, some time after midnight, on my way back to my ship. IIRC, it was a family of five or six. Very huge adults.

Watching this video tells me I was wise to keep a wide berth. To be honest, I was probably having a flashback of the Rabbit of Caerbannog at the time.

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