Jimmy Fallon surprised Parkland high school grads by speaking at their commencement ceremony

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Haven’t those poor kids been through enough?


Did he bring The Roots? They’d play a wicked processional.


I would be pissed were I a student there. Jimmy Fallon and his hair ruffling of Drumpf during the lead up to election normalized somebody who did not need to be taken seriously or given more airtime. I know Fallon feels bad about that interview but I’m staying pissed at Fallon for his role in making Drumpf seem no more harmful than a bad hairdo until Drumpf is out of the White House.


At first I was like, is that Jimmy Kimmel without reading the title then I found out it was Jimmy Fallon. Still a funny guy and a great speech but… I like many other people have a bone to pick with someone who gives Trump and his cronies preferential treatment. It was however a very nice gesture to give a speech to MSD high school.

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His speech was four hours long, despite being written on a post-it, because he couldn’t get through it without laughing.

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