Sesame Street gang, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon sing!


Aside from the fact that Jimmy Fallon needs to stop appearing in every video and on every TV show, this is actually quite upbeat and inspirational. I assume it’s in connection with Jim Henson’s birthday or commemorates the Muppets donation of historical goods to the Smithsonian. But, yeah - Jimmy Fallon must be restrained.

i love sesame street and the muppets. except for elmo. his grammar is atrocious. Oh, and Bert, you know, cause he is evil.

It’s a good video, but this one of the muppets with REM is better IMHO. The first time I saw this my toddler was watching Elmo, everyone else was ignoring the TV doing stuff around the house, suddenly this bit came on and the whole family was up dancing together. No GenX’r can refuse this song.

Shiny Happy Monsters

So, I hear you like seeing Jimmy Fallon on everything! Here’s Jimmy Fallon on The Electric Company:

There is nothing I don’t like about that video.


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