Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia won't surveil users for China


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i read “wikipedia won’t surv” and thought there was some threat the continued existence of wikipedia and freaked out a little…
should read all the title (at least) before freaking out.

Same here. In my first, quick scan of the headline the word “survive” popped into my head. Not a pleasant thought, that.

Considering all the news of the last few months, I’m surprised that it took a beat to recognize the word “surveil.”

BFD, Jimmy.

I’ll be a bit more impressed, when your rhetoric champions the same position domestically, concerning the NSA and other renegade, constitutionally illegal TLA’s, per the exhortation of Bruce Schneier.

As it is? You have a good “freedom message” that does not directly address the single, most pressing threat to privacy and freedom of association in the one jurisdiction where you can have the most primary effect.

In fact, you bolster messaging that is used by the US Dept of State and various military agencies, to frame these threats as asymmetrically generated by an external aggressor/oppressor. I am liable to file this missive under the “disinformation” category.

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I certainly would have put it more mildly than that, but it seems like my nation is taking more and more lessons from the PRC, so this question is worth exploring.

If I wasn’t sitting in an office I’d lol.

Love all these champions for freedums that Snowden’s leaks have encouraged to speak out on every topic, irrespective of its relevance to the subject. It’s not as if we didn’t know to some extent the abilities of the NSA and the like to spy on anyone they damn well want to - the Patriot Act did a pretty sweet job of removing any sense of transparency into the actions of the Government IRT domestic/international spying.

It also illustrates your distinct lack of understanding of what a humanitarian shithole the PRC is. This is a good thing and for you to rail on Jimmy cause every word out of his mouth isn’t about the NSA surveillance program is ignorant to the scale of censorship and human rights abuses inflicted by the Chinese government on its people.

I’m not even defending PRISM: you (and many others) just need to stop framing everything that happens against it.

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Wikimedia is taking active steps to protect users from US surveillance, as detailed here: https://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/08/01/future-https-wikimedia-projects/

Ironically, increasing protections for US readers can also increase the level of blockage in the PRC, so it’s a delicate problem – technically ugly as well as politically ugly.

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Technically he can comply and still be true to his word, because each compliance act can be broken down to milliseconds that sum to <5 seconds. So, he can comply for up to 4.999 seconds, after which he does not comply, and do it repeatedly, thus staying true to his word , “not for five seconds.”


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