JK Brickworks makes an infinite LEGO domino ring

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The next step I would like to see, is to affix a small chime to each domino.

Each chime set to a different note, such that it plays a tune, like one of those wind-up music boxes.

A wonderous racket, I am sure.


Video link for the BBS



Am I missing something here? I guess it’s clever and wonderful but I’m a bit underwhelmed. Maybe the musical notes would help.

This is absolutely fantastic. Seeing the problem solving working up to the final design is really neat. Also it’s hard for him to explain wordlessly at the end, but he basically built a PID controller to dynamically maintain the correct speed of reset. Otherwise there would be drift due to frictional losses and variation in the motor drive that would cause it to stop working after some amount of time. What he built is completely stable and would run indefinitely because it’s automatically compensating for all this.



Wow. Nice work. I loved how they showed all the steps in between.

Yeah…I thought that was wonderful, though it took me a while to understand. I wished they would have shown a few scenes where the speed wasn’t right and how they came to the controller with feedback.


oh cool! now im going to have to go watch it in detail :slight_smile: ( i skipped to the end. ) i assumed it was some sort of gearing, with all the legos interconnected.

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Very cool. And yes, I spent a while puzzling out how the IR sensor was going to be a speed controller, because I figured that’s what it had to be, and then the final solution was so simple it was brilliant.

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When I saw it was 8 minutes my instinct was to skip ahead to the finished piece, but once I started, the process was just as mesmerizing as the finished piece in action.


I enjoyed at the end when it appears he changed it to just speed up the reset train so it would outpace the falling and then stop.


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