Jogger filming cougar cubs barely escapes mauling by mom

For those wondering, don’t forget this is a large animal with an equally large and wide territory, you do not realize it maybe but she is literally expelling him outside of her territory and making sure the threat is as far as possible. She probably ‘knows’ about Humans and is doing a pretty good job as a mother.
Also when you walk in nature and see baby bear cubs or cougar kitten please refrain from pictures unless at the very least 500 metres or better a kilometre away as mom is NEVER far away and often, for cougars at least, cannot be seen…
If you encounter a wild wolverine, well… it was nice knowing you.


Isn’t it outdoors 101 that if you come across a baby animal you keep your distance for this very reason? Heck, I stumbled on a baby deer in my childhood woods once and stayed away for fear of being rammed by an angry mother. I sure as hell wouldn’t get near a bunch of cougar cubs.




OH, so one of the babies it looks like starts running towards the guy and then the mom.

My dad has a couple cool picks of an encounter with a grizzly mom and her cubs in Alaska. He was fishing in a river and they were up stream but he got some shots with a zoom lens. Then a later shot when they wondered closer. And then a blurry shot when he realized where the mom suddenly was.

He has a couple other good shots of a big bear that was in the area they called Big Ben.


You are kidding, right? I don’t think anyone has been killed by a wild wolverine. In theory they could be dangerous, they just don’t attack people.


is nobody going to mention that he of course HAD to get his possibly last moments on earth on his friggin camera? idiot.

At the beginning of the clip he’s clearly walking toward the cubs… Seems like he was jogging, came across the cubs, and took his camera out to capture it… And then momma showed up.

Scary as hell, but the lesson here is: do not approach wildlife. If you stumble upon it, extricate yourself; don’t approach it with your phone.


Yes, I am kidding. =)
Wolverines are pretty smart and will be able to avoid most Human contacts. The two major troubles with dear quickhatch or Gulo gulo is 1) you set your hunting traps in its territory 2) you are trying to wrest its prey/meal from it. So yes chances are quite slim.

Edit for NatGeo bit.

Dude! Dude! So Scary! Dude!

I am similarly eloquent when scared by wildlife. Never by a cougar, but a few times with bears of various types and twice with a moose, which in the array of scary wildlife take the absolute cake when aggressive…


A tense situation, but it ended well for everyone!

Meanwhile, her kits were eaten by a bear. /s

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Not stalking. Just warning the guy to stay away from her cougar bebbies.


She was probably pissed that he kept calling her “dude”.


“When stalked by a cougar mom, be careful not to misgender her.”


I kept yelling at him “THROW A ROCK! YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OF ROCKS!” but he either didn’t listen or couldn’t hear me.



Same! Sounds like it took him a while to feel like it was safe enough to bend down and grab one.

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That sinks it - I won’t run.


I don’t even run for a bus.
No way I could outrun Courteney Cox.