John C. Reilly, the Boing Boing interview: Steve Brule's long-lost sitcom, “Bagboy”



I’d really love to know the topic of his doctoral dissertation…

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Dude totally stole that hairstyle from Kim Jong Un.

I should hope not! If anything, it’s the other way around.

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I’m trying to figure out why anyone would deliberately want to look like that, except for the supposedly comedic effect. Maybe you have to be a fan to see the humor in it.

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really cool interview… ! It’s always interesting to read the musings of the actor off-set… seems to me that John C. Reilly maintains a good healthy separation from the two characters he plays… or DOES HE? :wink:

Careful - you’re in danger of being that guy who folds his arms and says, “It’s not funny!”


Pork Cube and Smelly Beans, that is what’s for dinner?

For you, yes.

I’m having the sourdough waffles.

Maybe it has something in common with… wait for it… aliens?

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