Belushi widow & Aykroyd produce Blues Brothers animated series


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“Four fried chickens and a coke.”
“And some dry, white toast, please.”


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As someone who is a fan. To the point of excitedly went to see Blues Brothers 2000 on opening day I’m afraid I can’t get behind this… well, I’m not sure what it’s there for.

The first movie made gasoline out of goat piss. I’m not sure why Judith Jacklyn and Ackroyd need the money on this.


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:77575”]This is its second incarnation, after an abortive deal with Film Roman (the studio behind The Simpsons) in 1997.[/quote]My first thought was that might have been the basis for the poorly regarded video games, but those were a number of years earlier.

After Blues Brothers 2000, I have no confidence that anything worthwhile may emerge here.


I thought Lorenzo Music was dead. Isn’t Bill Murray available?


Have to agree…can’t see anything good come of this. Sometimes it’s best just to leave a classic alone.


I liked that game!


@Otherbrother, weren’t they in the early development phases when you were an intern there?


With Dan Akroyd’s track record of producing funny, Blues Bros-themed ventures, I think John Belushi could come up with funnier content at this point.


I guess then it looks like we’re all up shit creek.


The Blues Brothers is truly my all time favorite movie. That said, I am loathe to acknowledge that BB2K even exists. Even though Dan Aykroyd (NB: the spelling is correct here, not Ackroyd in the article title) was the Blues fan who probably drove most of the creative process that resulted in the characters, music (covers mostly), and film, without [John]* Belushi it can’t have the same soul. I still wish them the best and will give it a look, but my expectations are low and I won’t be likely to keep watching beyond two episodes unless it is truly great.

*(correcting an error where I, to my great shame, named the wrong brother. For what it is worth, I enjoyed Jim Belushi in Real Men alongside John Ritter)


As Ebert says in his review of Blues Brothers 2000:

‘‘Blues Brothers 2000’’ has a lot of good music in it. It would have had more if they’d left out the story, which would have been an excellent idea
It’s said that the climactic sequence of ‘‘BB2000,’’ a talent contest with many legendary musicians (even an ill-at-ease Eric Clapton), was a legendary jam session. No doubt. I’d love to see it as a concert film. With no chase scenes and no little kids.


I say this as a fan and with neither venom nor scorn but I think either ‘Jim Belushi’ or ‘soul’ should probably be replaced with ‘cocaine’.


Who knew Lego made hassidic yeshiva student figures?


John Belushi?


Well shit. My bad. Kind of hard to do the walk of shame out of the room when the room is virtual.

I’ll just leave this here: urbandictionary link


No shame! They’re brothers, and I’m guessing we all know the difference. I confuse them too.



Yeah, I know. I am ashamed. Can you ever forgive me?