John Green is a Fortnite Pacifist

YA author and YouTube personality John Green discovers the futility of playing the battle royal game without being the aggressor. So far, he’s made 10 episodes.


He seems to miss the point of a game. In real life someone who doesn’t attack first is a good neighbor. In a game someone who doesn’t attack first is a boring opponent who literally defeats the purpose for which everyone is there.

Which isn’t to say it’s not amusing to watch.

ETA: I also worry a little about people who are unable or unwilling to distinguish between the meaning of actions in consensual play and the meaning of violence in real life because frankly, if they can’t make that distinction in one area then there’s a good chance they can’t make that distinction in other areas.


I have faith that he is completely aware of the futility of what he is doing and is doing it for the entertainment value. At one point in one of the early episodes, he says that his ideal outcome would be to find that he has survived with another pacifist and they get engulfed by the killing storm, holding each other.


He is on Team Stand Your Ground , then ?

Strictly speaking, his unconventional definition of pacifism is what’s more commonly known as non-aggression.


Have you seen these from the McElroys at Polygon?


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