John Lennon and The Dirty Mac performing "Yer Blues" in 1968

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My favorite part of “Whole Lotta Yoko” is watching Gitlis. He obviously thought this number was going to be his showcase and is not pleased with Ono’s keening over him. He spends the number alternately glaring at Yoko and grumbling (off mic) at John.


I mean, despite some great performances, the whole thing was a shitshow. In the closing where they’re all laying on the studio floor it’s clear that the drugs have all worn off and they’re barely holding it together.

Oh yeah! The Who takes it completely. But then, I always did prefer The Who.

Has anyone ever verified that Animal from the Muppets is based on Keith Moon?

Yoko Ono is a treasure. We should all appreciate her in the time she has left on earth.



Until I recalled their collaboration in NYC, I took that title for a gibe.

The Who take it completely, and I always preferred the Stones

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It definitely was. Apart from Zappa’s scepticism at Yoko’s “primal screaming” period, it got pretty acrimonious after the show. Lennon’s management refused to release Zappa’s version of the recording for decades and released their own, going back on a pre-show agreement. Add to that claiming writing credits for Mothers’ songs on the Lennon/Ono release, the issue was ultimately settled in court long after Lennon’s death.


Whoever the camera operator is must have been on some serious drugs or grossly incompetent. Too bad. But, then again, it’s on par with the rest of this mediocrity…

yeah, what about her is a treasure?

I note the violinist at 11:25 (and again at 11:45) in the first video…

The Who’s video was amazing! I can see why The Rolling Stones might have felt reluctant to release the recording…

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