Never before seen footage of John and Yoko

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Amidst the ongoing discussion of anti-Asian racism, this video is a nice reminder of someone who endured hellacious racist attacks and threats for the incredible crime of falling in love with one of the most famous musicians in the world.


hear, hear. i’ve spent decades defending Yoko. it always boils down to one of two things (if not both) with people: misogyny, or racism. the thing is, she was already successful and famous in her own right when she met john, and together they really inspired each other. their love was something so pure.


This is a sentiment that I’ve never been able to put into words as eloquently as Yoko and why they have both been such a massive influence in how I’ve lived my relationships. Beautiful, delicate people.

And thanks to @anon33932455 and @Franko for saying the things that can’t be said enough. Hopefully, Peter Jackson’s Get Back restoration and cut will help reframe the truly evil hatred Yoko had to endure. It’s said to intentionally be recasting a lot of the spurious fanboy bullshit around them as well as the interpersonal dynamics of the band.


oh, yes! i can’t wait to see that movie. that footage they released awhile back was just incredible, and really hinted that the reality of the band at the time was very very different from what was portrayed in the media.


And let’s not forget the bullshit misogyny, too.

Mostly, both.


The Lennon fans who blamed Yoko for “breaking up the Beatles” were also infantilizing their hero (as misogynists often do) since John was a grown-ass man capable of making his own decisions.


Agreed… but as to this world famous musician…


Yep, he was an abuser, as well.


A special reissue of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – The Ultimate Collection is coming out

unfortunately, even the super-deluxe 8 disc version of this reissue does not include anything from the yoko ono/plastic ono band album. ultimate my ass.

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