John Nash, famed mathematician, dies in road accident

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Oh no…


Dang. No matter how brilliant or famous you are, you just never know when you’ll be killed in some third world s@#$hole.


When (in the past, now) I got into a cab or limo, I’d always have this little debate with myself about the seatbelt. It seemed like it would be disrespecting the driver to use it. I’m using it from now on.

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It is simple physics, the same goes for helmets, these stupid traditions are killing us for no reason.

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That’s bizarre. A much greater chance of surviving a wreck, or risk an insult that exists only in your head. It’s hard to argue logic with yourself, but that really is a scenario that does not prevent itself in real life.


Everywhere I go in Malaysia I do this and the drivers carry on about how its not required in Malaysia but I honestly don’t care. Its going to be my body decapitating the driver in an impact.


Why glorify Princeton through association with a Nobel Prize winning mathematician.

He won the prize when unemployed! and seemingly unemployable after working
of and on for various institutions.

That’s the interesting bit about his story–the bit about being recognised while not part of the academic establishment… Aside from the awful tragedyof crazy car culture.


Holy shit, in an area where the punishment for drunk driving is 100kIDR, no. I will cling on for dear life as the scooters swarm.

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