John Romita Sr.'s incredible legacy as the great Spider-Man artist

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It may have seemed an odd choice to have a romance artist take over a superhero comic that was Marvel’s second-biggest selling title.

Not really, there were a lot of greats who did Romance comics, like Jack Kirby.

Those pics of the orginals look great, but the fact they aren’t in custom frames (as seen by the art being smaller than the frame) I hope that it’s UV blocking glass they are in! Still, love seeing the originals!

I met Anthony Tollin last week and got to see the complete original art of E. R. Cruz’s work in The Shadow #11, guest staring The Avenger. So cool to see everything together in the original art form!


Issue #93? That’s a pretty good run.

As a failed freelance comic book artist seeing Romita Sr’s artwork shows be just how far off the pace I was.

If The Romita Legacy is to be believed, there’s a chance he would have been a musician, if he had been better at that.

John Romita came from a family that valued art through a primary expression of music. Romita’s hero remains the great popular composer of the 20th Century, Irving Berlin, and he is steadfast in his belief that he would have given up art if he had shown any special talent for music. Like in many homes from the pre-television era, a portion of the week’s nighttime entertainment came from gathering people together and playing and singing music.

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