John Scalzi and Tor Books sign 13 book, 10 year, $3.4M deal

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Golly gosh gee whiz, I’m going to quit my job and take up fiction writing full-time! That’s where the money is!

(ETA: That was a joke.)


This is awesome. John is one of my favourite authors, in terms of books… And also one of my favourite internet personalities.


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! (Not sarcasm. He really is great.)


Vox Day’s response to it is hilarious.

No, not going to give him the joy of a link. Google is your friend.


Sounds like substance-free sour grapes.

I’m out of this loop; would you mind explaining what his beef is with Scalzi?

Scalzi isn’t a violent Neo-Nazi, like Day is, and is part of the group who thinks the Hugos shouldn’t be taken over by violent Neo-Nazis like Day.


Thanks, I did get that tone from his post’s blasting of Scalzi for lacking courage. Ugh.

Apparently Scalzi was sarcastic to him on a blog ten years ago. And therefore Day must destroy everything the SF fandom holds dear because that’s what sane people do, damnit.


This makes Theodore Beale sad.



Of course, it pre-dates the recent Hugo nonsense… My favourite bit of Day-trolling was when Scalzi set up a charitable drive to keep track of all the times that Day insulted Scalzi on his (Day’s) blog, and donated money to human rights charities for every instance.

My favourite (that is, least favourite) bit of nonsense to come out of Vox Day’s horrid little hate-hole is his “There is no marital rape” paper. He’s a real class act, that guy. Oh, and also a full supporter of the Gamergate movement, unsurprisingly.

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Somehow, everything surrounding Scalzi has become way too political for me.

So, there will be more books from a decent author, and said author won’t starve. Good. I was under the impression that Scalzi wasn’t going to starve anyway, and he was going to continue writing. So the news is just in the details of the deal. And I already know about Scalzi, so tell me about good SF by people I don’t know.

And I don’t care - or to be precise - I don’t want to care - that Scalzi is on the “right side” of the political games surrounding the Hugo, or that Vox Day is an idiot (did that guy actually write real SF, too?).

When I’m in a political mood, I prefer to judge the SF I read on the content, not on the author’s general views. I will keep recommending “Ender’s Game” and “Speaker for the Dead”.
On the other hand, I was seriously disappointed by “Old Man’s War” when I finally read it - too much unquestioned militarism in there for this European pacifist.
But I am pretty sure I’d get along much better with Scalzi than with Card if I met them in person.

(For the record: I didn’t enjoy much of Card’s more recent work, and Scalzi’s Redshirts is genius. But that has nothing to do with politics).

John Scalzi may have been President of the SFWA when Beale decided to abuse the SFWA Twitter account. Beale also ran against Scalzi for the president’s job.

But I think by the time Day was expelled, Scalzi had left office.

I think his quality has dropped off of late, but let’s hope the security frees him up to stay sharp, and doesn’t make him relax and phone it in.

Funnily, I completely disagree. Redshirts and Lock In are two of my favourite Scalzi books. I love the OMW universe, but it’s his stuff outside of that universe that I really love (Agent to the Stars was a fun read, and I even enjoyed Fuzzy Nation quite a bit too)

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