Shameful Dawn, a novel by United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia


Need a NSFW tag on that “wonderful website.”

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For real?

edit: okay. never mind.

Heh, there are some gems on that site! Thanks Mark.

I especially liked

Though I just noticed the snake, and snakes can totally hug, better than we can even!

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What are cats and dogs doing on there? That book is fucking bullshit.


I would like that site so much more were it not for the abundance of wholly uncensored dick pics.

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Exactly the reason many people DO like it.


Also lions and housecats. Quite capable of hugging, though I can only personally confirm the latter.

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I was going to comment that snakes don’t belong myself, my daughter had a ball python named cuddles, they hug far better than we do!

A better version of that book should exist!

Pfft. Scalia, right. That book was totally ghost-written by Bill O’Reilly.

Scalia seems to have put a lot of thought and effort into writing this, which I’m sure was a nice change from his day job.



BoingBoing has never been “safe for work”.

OH NO! PENISES!! clutches her pearls


Just look at it!



This is glorious.

My favorites are the “Apple Cabin” ads… Thanks to Xeni for mentioning the site in an earlier post.

I object to that coming from a site called “”. This is a brilliant piece of design–unless you’re going to an office Halloween party.

Lions can totally hug too!! I even have a picture! It’s like the fucking cutest thing on this fucking planet and sorry for all the fucking swearing, but seriously, lion hugging is really fucking worth it.

Incidentally, I thought the write-up for “Magi” was really hilarious.