Um, Holy Shit

Alternative titles for this thread were, “For the Love of God,” and “I Have No Words.”

So I’m clicking about the Book of Face and I come across the story of a woman who was plead guilty to trying to join ISIS. I’m scrolling through the news items when I come across this… shit:

I’m not a fan of Internet dogpiles, but his name is nondescript enough and there’s no picture of his face.

I’m sort of baffled by this particular mix of religious sentimentality where being gay is the worst kind of sin, but rape is justified.

I don’t like single-purpose threads unless I’m sure that they are going to garner solid discussion, so feel free to post some of the more egregious cases of cruel sentiment and cognitive dissonance you’ve seen floating around. Basically, things that kind of floored you with their horribleness.


Wait: homosexual sex is a sin, so it’s better to gang rape women? So much less sinful, amirite?

And since the 20-year-old young woman “looks like a good piece of ass”, and needs to be “humbled”, that makes it even more alright.

The mind reels.

I sincerely hope I do not come across any more examples to add to your thread this week. That one was quite enough.


Ah, Facebook- where someone you don’t really know can leave all sorts of horrid shit all over your timeline. Because algorithms.

Fuck this planet and the people on it.


Can’t beat that level of horribleness…

But I did recieve a survey from the Republican party yesterday. That was a hoot.

It kept having questions like:

“Mark your level of support for cutting expensive, unnecessary and abused government entitlement spending”

Followed immediately by a question like:

“On a scale from 1 to 10, rate how important it is that the government protect and honor the vital institutions of Social Security and Medicare”

The cognitive dissonance gave me some whiplash.


Adjectives. You can always tell what the bias is by what adjectives are used.


There was another question that asked wht the most important social issue was to me

  • Fighting same-sex marriage
  • preventing Obamacare from being fully implemented
  • Banning all abortions
  • Banning “elective abortions”
  • Protecting 2nd Amendment rights
  • Building a border wall.

There was also a blank spot. I wrote in “something that isn’t also trying really hard to hurt someone”.


Did he just quote Ben Carson as a moral authority of some kind?


Looks to me like they quoted Ben Carson as an intellectual authority on human sexuality. Which is even worse, considering Ben Carson’s… Brain.


Yeah… I think I just struggled linking anything there to “intellectual”.


But, but, Mr. Push-Poll; Didn’t Saint Ronald, of blessed memory, Say Unto Us that “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”? Shouldn’t I be afraid of gummint medicare?



Again no thanks; that kinda sounds like the worst fuck ever.

Why do so many people want to reward atrocious behavior with something as pleasurable as fucking?

What is that?


Also it is my most fervent hope as a firm believer in schadenfreude that such people who wish horrible shit upon others have that horrible shit happen to them, personally.

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whoo. made it six or seven words into that screed.


That was campaign Reagan, not governing Reagan.

(Campaign Reagan was demonizing Carter over Big Government and government regulations and government deficits. Of course its Carter who has the record of deregulation. Reagan, as both California governor and President, is the one who expanded government and set records for massive deficits.)


And yet, I bet if you report this post Facebook will tell you it “does not violate our community standards”. Meanwhile, my friend got a temp FB ban for posting a meme poking fun at “#notallmen”.


I remember watching WWF as a kid and meeting keenly aware of the irony of Hacksaw Jim Duggan telling the Bolsheviks how they couldn’t sing the Soviet national anthem before their matches because, “you are in the land of the free, the home of the brave!”

Young me thought, “wait a minute, doesn’t that mean they should be allowed to do exactly that?”


Read about Lot and then put the bible down in horror.


Or Abraham… hey dude, like kill your kid for me… WTF God, no way… dude do it or I am gonna fuck shit up for you and all of yours… damn it okay… hey wait, pranked here use this lamb instead…
God is an asshole.



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