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Pure applesauce! Scalia used “jiggery-pokery” in his dissent against Obamacare. He didn’t save all his insults for gay marriage. Please give the Justice some credit! He uses his full-blown curmudgeon attacks on all sorts of outlandish liberal decisions, not just one.


I look back on Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas and I’m just amazed by how Scalia’s material has evolved. Seriously, you look back on his early stuff and it was amusing, but the guy just really hadn’t found his voice. Now I’d put him up there with Mort Sahl or even H.L. Mencken.

What? Are you telling me these things he’s writing aren’t satire?


The man is an embarrassment. He’s more suited to writing Letters to the Editor that newspapers can print when they’re looking for something to “balance” the factual letters against.

I wonder how long it takes his staff to get rid of the parts he writes in ALL CAPS, and to delete most of his exclamation points!!!11!!


Huh, I would have put money on “jiggery-pokery” being a euphemism for some kind of gay sex act. And if it’s not yet then it should be.

Internet: please please report back when you’ve come up with something worthy of the moniker.


I am shocked that furshlugginer vs. potrzebie was not cited in the dissent.

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Hmmph. It doesn’t even include my favorite from the latest dissent, “Ask your nearest hippie.” That yielded several amusing articles from journalists who hurriedly found the nearest hippie and asked them what they thought of the whole thing. (Unsurprisingly, they were mostly for healthcare and gay marriage.)


I think he’s confused teh gay with this little feller:

How is this not a post by Biscuits-ah?

Does it have to be specifically a homosexual act? Or would something that make repressed straight guys wonder “does this make me gay?” be acceptable? I’m sure my wonderfully sick little family can come up with something appropriate.

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It’s kinda low-entropy.

I guess all of us old farts are like that.

Nothing funny about this jackass. Sickening comes to mind tho.

Not sure it’ll add any clarity to matters for much of the world - involving, as it does, cricket - but I reckon the term reached its perfect usage in this song:

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OK, so my sweeties made a few suggestions for alternate definitions of “jiggery-pokery.”

My boyfriend suggested this:

It could be the use of a jigger (or shot glass if a full jigger is not available) as an aid for male masturbation.

Options include lubed for more comfort, or rinsed with alcohol for those who are into more… intense… sensations (Alcohol plays nicely with mucosa, doesn’t it? )

Suggestion for a definition - not a first hand account :slight_smile:

Our mutual female partner came up with this:

I think it’s when you’re playing poker with drinks made in Meeple Shot Glasses. Unfortunately, I could only find Official Meeple Pints, through the auspices of the Internet Wayback Machine. There are some knock-off jiggers on Cafe Press…but who wants their jiggers knocked off?

My own personal suggestion involves the three (or more) partnered dance made by participants of a “spit roast,” preferably while the lucky person in the middle is blindfolded, of course.

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