John Scalzi's empty jar of fucks to give


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Fuck Today

It’s interesting to watch how well-known folks deal with jerks on, say, Twitter. There are a lot of different methods, some more successful than others. Scalzi’s method is always spot on.


“…gorgeously engraved mason jar.” That’s vinyl lettering. Cool idea, though.


He may have to be careful with that jar, though. Some may deposit their ‘love’ in it.


Man. All it would have taken to make it really cool was hydrofluoric acid. What gives?


Or a CO2 laser. The glass tends to chip a little at the edges, but for large enough lettering it does a pretty good job.

Thought: this could be easily made as a small bottle to carry in one’s pocket, with a cork and a “Fucks to give” label. Use by taking it out, uncorking, showing it is empty, saying “sorry”.


Never tried that. Is there something in glass that is absorbtive in the infrared spectrum? I may need to revisit crystallography to get my bearings here, it’s been a few years.


CO2 laser is way too far in IR (10600 nm), most materials absorb there fairly well. Common silica-based glass is very “black” there.

You can make glass absorbing even in the near-IR, by adding a little iron. Then you can work it even with the Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm); used e.g. for sealing glass tubes with reed contacts, and for RFID chips in those implantable rice grain like glass capsules. Could possibly even work with those 808 nm laser diodes that can be bought in multidozen to hundreds watt arrays.


And this is why I didn’t bother to dredge through any of the old books. :slight_smile: I’ll double check if I ever need to implement though.


CO2 laser engraving of glass has quite a lot of howtos on the Net. Many can be applied even to the cheapo K40-III Chinese engravers, the kind known as Blue Horror.

For round objects, some adapter that’d turn the thing instead of moving the head itself would be needed, though. Or compensate a bit if the design does not wrap over too much of the cylinder and hope the depth of focus will be sufficient for a flat-object approximation.


I haven’t played with lasers or optics in any substantial way in about 20 years. You’re tickling neurons though.

stop that…


Buddha said something similar, but he did not word it so elegantly.


Also, it appears to be an empty mayonnaise jar, not a canning jar of the Mason variety. Very cool idea. Do want.


Glass absorbs and reflects Far IR. It does it so well that consumer grade thermal imaging doesn’t see through double-paned house windows.


Quite, ref: green-houses!


Even single-paned. Even thin eyeglasses glass will do that, both glass and plastic, probably even to the military imagers, at least according to what can be seen on mil tech fairs. (Assuming we talk about the 4,.12 µm range.)


I know a guy who was navy who insists that the thermal imaging equipment on an AC130 can see through glass, I don’t know whether or not he’s pulling my leg. I have the feeling that there’s more than just thermal imaging involved in a plane like that’s sensing package.


There is usually a visible camera, and possibly a conventional night vision/image intensifier. That would explain it.


Is it vinyl lettering?

It might be: John Scalzi’s post does not actually say how the lettering was done. But I cannot see any obvious evidence. I can’t see the edge of a big square of vinyl with the letters on, though you could always make it half the circumference of the jar so it does not show up in the photo, but getting it flat on a jar so you can’t see a bubble is pretty good. If you have screened the individual letters, it is pretty clean. I would imagine a computer is involved somewhere because the letters are so regular, and standard.

It doesn’t matter: the idea is the thing.

There is a legend that Peter Carl Faberge made an engraved crystal jar of “fucks to give” for Alexander II in 1912, as a Christmas present for Grigori Rasputin. Maybe there is no such legend just yet, but there will be once this gets copied about the internets a bit.


Zombie alexander II?