Fuck Today (Part 1)

My SO just went to coffee ten minutes ago with half of the pair that tried to have an affair with her.

Why yes, I did just open a beer at ten AM on a Sunday. (I had a friend literally take away the Xanax. I’m not that self destructive).



“Are you upset?”, she asks.
" No, go have coffee. I’m. Fine.", I said as I gritted my teeth in a manner not unlike a glacier carving a valley.


My message to the person she is currently out to coffee with:

You had one job. One fucking job. With three tasks.

  1. Don’t kill me.
  2. Don’t burn down my house.
  3. Don’t encourage your husband to have an affair with my SO.

How hard is that? Why did you plan MDMA fueled parties for this shit to go down? Why did you tell my SO that I am violent, and somehow made her believe it? Why am I so fucking worthless to you, when we have been friends for years?

Everyone, close your ears and eyes, this is rage talking. You don’t need to read it, but I need to write it. My therapist is on vakay.

How can you, Mrs. B, as a school teacher, a feminist, and a survivor, who specializes in women’s studies, be okay with planned fucking drug fueled party rape!? And how the fuck did you get my SO on board? How the fuck. Did. This. Happen.


Sorry for “like” but they don’t have a hug button.


Agreed, indeed.


It’ll be okay. I have a plan for me (California), and regardless of how I feel my SO is her own person, she can have her own friends. I would never stand in the way, even though I hate them soooooo much.

I may need some new crowns from all the jaw clenching though.


I will send you some sweet Canadian muscle relaxants and OTC codeine. That’ll help with the clenching. :wink:


Partake of the jar until it is empty.


@funruly @Donald_Petersen


I just posted that to its own topic (with the BBC Obit).


I was in a friends car, and when he started it up Ace of Spades was playing. Which weirded out my friend because it was NPR.

Then on the train ride home I saw the news.

Now that I’m at home, I’ve poured a pint and am sharing it with the Ghost of Rockall Past.


I saw them in '96. Jebus.


He found out he had cancer on the 26th and was dead by the 28th? OMG, that is not enough time to deal with everything, either for him or his loved ones. That just makes it all the worse.


We have even stronger stuff in Texas!

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I’m sure you do but my stuff is OTC. :wink:


It’s not anybody’s fault but the weather, but fuck. I’m sitting at ohare airport just hoping there isn’t another delay. I’m 33 hours in to a trip that took 14 hours in the other direction. 7 more hours to go if everything goes well.

I’m a lucky fool who got to spend Christmas with family at the beach in central america but at this moment I’m just trying not to cry. I may not leave the house for a week, just to recharge my batteries from being near so many people. Once I actually get home.


That actually happened to my mom’s best friend’s sister. She was not feeling well, went to the hospital, turned out she had cancer, and she died like two days later.

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Oh lordy, I probably walked by you in the wee hours of the morning! Thanks to living in a city that is such a major hub, I was able to get on a re-routed flight back to Chicago, but I saw a lot of people hunkering down for the night because their onward flights to elsewhere just weren’t going to happen.

Which terminal are you in? Some are better than others for things to do and hidden places.

Can you (politely) argue with the customer service reps for your airline that they give you complimentary access to their private club, so you can at least get some free food, drink, shower, wifi, quiet place away from the hordes?

If nothing else, remember that every traveler has tales of having to stay overnight in some horrible airport, so at least now you’ll have your own story to tell over a beer.


That’s the worst: a disease that normally most people have the option of saying goodbye over time, but with a timeline more like a car accident or heart attack.


I’m in C right now but last night was actually in Houston. I tried to politely argue, and so did my sister who is a teacher and skilled at polite arguments, but they were overwhelmed. She is on her way to California because she did standby and snagged the seat of someone who was delayed somewhere else.

Definitely a story to tell though.


Some levees breached in and around St Louis and there is a lot of flooding and 3 people died. Man, Fuck today, seriously.


Oh jeez and that whole flood plain that was under water back in the 90s got overdeveloped after I left. I hope it wasn’t the same levees.