Johnny Cash is peeing from atop Arkansas water tower

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Betty Graham, water office manager, told the Herald it could take as long as a week to fix the damage

Uh - hello?

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I’d love to see how long Flextape would actually seal that leak!


Wasting water in the drought we/USA are living through is f’d up.


Well, I shot a man in Reno

Just to watch him pee

When I hear that train whistle blowin’

I know it’s not for me

I’m stuck here in Folsom Prison

Shouldn’t have shot that deputy


Cash would probably find this hilarious. I’m assuming it’s his ghost what done it.


Almost perfect. Shot him in Kingsland this time.


At least half a second before the high pressure stream blasted through it and likely badly injured the hand of whoever was trying to slap the tape into place. Mind you, that half a second would be from the moment the water stream hit the incoming tape, and would be over before impact. Even the tape in that pic is bulging, and it’s holding back multiple orders of magnitude less water pressure.

For a repair like this, they’ll have to drain the tank to well below the level of the damage (or completely), then weld a patch in place, then re-paint it. And that’s not mentioning the fact that there’s now a bullet rattling around in the town’s drinking water supply.


I’m certain Johnny Cash would have appreciated the joke.

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Is there a word for something that’s funny but still totally a dick move?


He’s peed everywhere, man.


Too bad the same can’t be said for Cash. He totally missed the toilet bowl.


Yo can repair from within. Slap a sheet of steel over the hole and done… The reverse of this:

Ah, yeah, that’ll involve draining the tank completely, probably cleaning the inside, and then also welding it in place - municipal water tanks need to be able to keep their repairs intact when the water is out of them, so just slapping it on without permanently attaching it is just asking for problems the next time there’s a drought, or high water demand in the area.
Definitely going to be expensive and time consuming, but at least the internal patch method doesn’t need to be re-painted.

I just hope when Johnny does that he isn’t experiencing a burning ring of fire


Serious question - Will the bullet need to be found and removed?

Is a small lump of lead in a water tank a health risk?

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Bullets as Art. Only in the US of A.

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