Johnny Depp Pimps Beer in Japan


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Anyone know if the keffiyah is any sort of political statement for Depp, or just a casual appropriation? It never seems to be an effortless cool with that guy.

New-man on the other hand…


Hollywood stars (Paul Newman, Tommy Lee Jones, and many others) have a long history of making commercials in Asia that no one in the west gives a shit about.

Fixed this for you. Why in the bloody hell is this noteworthy? Hollywood stars plug goods, products, services all over the damn world and no one ever gives a flying eff about it. Its how they make money.


Not bad.

Who’s the other guy?


Obligatory Suntory.


Hey, the guy’s gotta feed his family.


Depp’s agent is the one pimping here.


All the world loves a lover…


Johnny Depp announces his career is over.


That was just slightly over the top.


So, do you think he had a date coming over later in the evening, or does he just routinely soak himself in Mandom before settling down with a good book?



Wow, how did everyone else miss Arnold?


I like the ads with Tommy Lee Jones playing an alien who is studying Earth. Some of the earlier ones have subtitles, but not all of them. I do want to try the coffee drink he is pushing, but I’m not sure if I can find here in the wasteland I reside in (Nashville).



0:14 Helicopter appears
0:16 Hawk takes off
No more hawk?


The helicopter is loud, why would he stay around?


True, but I was thinking of minced hawk…


Masaharu Fukuyama, master of syrupy ballads and other popular entertainment.


The tagline translates as:
“With Man Dom, you no longer need a date.”