Hollywood Stars in Bizarre Japanese TV Commercials


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You forgot Scarlett Johansson’s awkward phone message for Hatsune Miku in this shampoo commercial (at around the :37 mark)


Coincidentallly (or not), Scarlett Johansson appeared in a film about an American film star doing a Japanese commercial.




I notice Elijah Wood’s car commercial is shot on the Portland State University campus.


The biggest compilation, predating YouTube, is on japander.com . The quality is frequently pretty low though, as you’d expect from such an old site.



Sammy and whisky… do you need anything more?


This reminds me of Orson Wells selling wine.

Out takes of another commercial


Orson was quite fond of his wine.


And any one else’s.


How about Richard Gere driving his Lancia Delta from Hollywood all the way up to the Potala Palace in Tibet, accompanied by music from Ennio Morircone?


I have yet to find it on the YouTubes, but somewhere out there is a commercial I saw in 1992? 94? of Mark Wahlberg in his Marky Mark phase, wearing tighty whities and selling yogurt soda “Calpis,” which in his pronounciation was just Marky Mark yelling COW PISS. C’mon Internet, where is this!!!


The Father John Misty skit of this is also glorious, and part of the reason I love him. So effortlessly cool, this man. https://youtu.be/LtR3DVkH0eY


Is Jackie Chan an American? Jean Reno? Eric Clapton (who’s also not a movie star…)? You might need some fact-checking here…


No but definitely Hollywood… at least for awhile anyway.

ETA It does say American later on but also that they want an “American” name… so not so much citizens as recognizable actors in American media.


Hollywood movie stars would have been a better choice of words.


Oh man, Calpis (usually called Calpico in North America) is the best drink in the world.

I buy as much as I can whenever I see it.


Or maybe because western viewers misunderstand foreign context and so it’s “bizarre”


In the UK we have Kevin Bacon selling EE cellphone contracts, Harvey Keitel (reprising Pulp Fiction’s Mr Wolf) selling car insurance and, perhaps most bizarrely of all, Iggy Pop selling life insurance.