This Japanese body wash commercial is my everything


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Hooray for the strategic soap at 0:40!!! It provides support as it lovingly dissolves the cares of the day!


i feel like i need to know the backstory of these characters. is the body soap canon?


love it. I wish our american popular culture allowed such things.


I’m not going to take my son to see the new Avengers movie … I’ll just have him watch this instead because it’s so awesome. And I save some money too!


Suds Fly in “Fist of the North Star” Body Wash Live-Action Commercial


perfect. thank you.


I’m not such a fan of how so many ads these days are gonzo/ironic… all in the service of selling shit you don’t need. Like basically every old spice or ax commercial. I just don’t want to be tricked into buying garbage because they paid a creative agency to do some zany shit. But whatever, it’s fun I guess. I’d just rather all that creativity go towards something more artistic, but that’s not the way things work.


Japanese commercials are almost always non-sequitur. Here is the US, something like ‘It’s a Tide Ad’ makes a big splash.

As an example, my favorite online comedy troupe, LoadingReadyRun, does a bi-weekly variety show, LoadingReadyLive. (You may also know them from Desert Bus for Hope.) During one episode, they did a panel game - host shows you the Japanese commercial up until the moment the product is revealed, panelists tell us what the product is. No creative editing, no hiding things, just play and pause. You’d be amazed how hard they are to guess.

I think the reason is clear - there isn’t a better commercial for most of these products. How do you advertise men’s body wash? Old Spice clearly found a working set of non-sequitur ads (Office Linebacker, Old Spice Guy on A Horse). Dove Mens+Care? Tell me if you can remember anything about their commercials.

A Pepsi ad isn’t suddenly going to convince a lifelong Coke drinker that Pepsi is superior. A plain Pepsi ad will be forgotten by Pepsi-lovers and people on the fence immediately. But a bizarre ad gets remembered, and comes to mind. Maybe you tell your friends!


“What’s all that shouting in there?”

“Just taking a shower, ma.”



I can’t even begin to imagine how confusing this must be if you’re not familiar with “Fist of the North Star.” I mean, I’m familiar with it and this is still pretty damn odd.


Notice how carefully they avoid having the character wash his face with this stuff. Don’t want to dilute the product categories and lose ‘face wash’ sales.


I think this is a live-action sequel to Fist of the North Star, and in fact is not a body wash commercial.


I take all my mens products with extra irony. If I could get skulls, I’d have them with skulls too.


That was amazing!


The voice of the Big Bad, I think that was Gamabunta from Naruto.


This reminds me of the Stink Monster of Big Man Japan, seen on the left.


I’m showering right now.


Don’t the Japanese normally pixelate the dirty bits?