Wonder Core: the funniest Japanese ad since Mr. Sparkle

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Japanese ad?
“a wonderfully surreal piece of entertainment in its own right”?

I might just have something that fits the bill for this thread:


Thanks, shooting hot coffee out’a my nose was on my bingo card today.


But what about my back muscles? :man_shrugging:


Japanese commercials seem to be consistently more surreal than American ones - although it’s a small number of ads, so maybe it’s that they’re more comfortable with a bit of surreality. (Surreal American commercials exploded when online-only ads became a thing, but for broadcast the instinct has always been to be very conservative. American print ads have tended to be more weird, too.)

I’m tempted to ascribe the difference to difference between American and Japanese culture, but it strikes me that it just as easily could be only a difference in American and Japanese advertising culture, where a relatively small number of ad firms having differing attitudes results in… this.

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TBH, American channels with omnipresent drug advertising makes teevee almost unwatchable. “Your body is failing and you’re likely to die and these pills may cause horrible side effects” is just not something anyone needs as part of an entertainment experience.

Thankful, international channels like CBC are still pleasant to watch solely for their lack of drug advertising. Remember, drug advertising used to be blocked in the US too until the pharmaceutical companies decided that the pain of full medical disclosures in their advertising was a price they were willing to pay in order to increase profits.


That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Xtra :heart: for you!

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Hooray for Duckman! I know doing the voice was painful for Jason Alexander to do and he made a buttload more money doing Seinfeld, but I do miss that cranky, stupid bird person!

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I’ve noticed over the years that it never shows up on a streaming service, it would be nice to rewatch on something other than youtube.

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A nice parody of Wondercore ads by Mrs. Eats.

I’ve always been partial to this series:


I have some on DVD! (insert Duckman rant on planned obsolescence here)

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