Weird commercial for Japanese bank starring the Flintstones

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Assuming these characters were ripped off from the mercifully short-lived Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, which was basically “Archie by way of Bedrock.” But yes, still weirdly off-model.



Well, not so much as a ‘bank’ but more like ‘legal loan-sharking’ org. Off-brand is their whole thang.



which naturally fades into the Simpson’s Mr Sparkle commercial


oh wow. that’s not a gif, but I can see exactly how all those characters are dancing in my mind. my baby self was apparently subjected to a lot of those reruns. D:

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The way Bam-Bam wrangles his heart-boner back under control is just classic.

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Will a Japanese speaker please tell me what this commercial is about?


I don’t speak Japanese, but as far as I can tell ‘Honobono Lake’ is a loan company and this is just a cute way of advertising. Youtube has a few other examples of them using the Flinstones, but they also have ads featuring animated characters I don’t recognize and a few live action ads. That said, the jingle they sing over the logo at the end of each ad feels real familiar, so I can only assume it was spoofed in something else I watched.

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With Japanese advertising, it’s not so much what a commercial is “about” as it is generating an emotional reaction and “stickiness” for the product being advertised. Trying to extract logical meaning will just give you a headache. (Full disclosure: Worked at a Japanese ad agency in the eighties, and it was the first question I asked.)


This seems to bear out from the ads I’ve been exposed to.

On that topic:

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