Music video made from David Bowie's beautiful TV commercials for Japanese booze

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Now that is with intensity.

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Bowie was the Master.

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Well, the Rolling Stones did a commercial for Rice Krispies. It rocked.

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Terrible. This sounds like Brian Eno at his worst. And Scary Monsters was so great!

Now I can’t not imagine this eternally projected over his grave in a Blade Runner world.

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I was trying to figure out if it was the soundtrack from Bladerunner as seen on Twin Peaks TV, or vice versa

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Until now I always assumed "A Warm Place" by NiN was an original composition!

ETA: A quick internet search confirms the connection and an interview with Reznor and Bowie laughing about it:


American Actors. Often did Japanese commercials. They like the cash…and with it being Japan, it didn’t dilute their image in USA as a ‘sell out’.

His mouth never opens in these commercials. Were they tapped before he decided to visit the orthodontist? :grimacing:

For relaxing times… make it Suntory time.

all-time winner of the most beside-the-point comment ever:

the flower behind his head is real, it’s a tree peony blossom. the flowers don’t have a scent like regular peony flowers do, but tree peonies make these beautiful, plate-sized flowers every spring. i’ve seen them called itoh peonies, too, btw.

my prize? do i win some of this liquor that apparently can’t be consumed? seems appropo…

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I’ll bet his animatronic creepiness played well in Japan.

glued prolly.

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