OMG, the Japanese Trump Commercial is everything


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Needs more Trump. . .


I got’a little puke in the back of my mouth on that one.


Yep. Yeah.


Toranpu 2016! This is so perfect, I thought it was really Japanese!


I see it not as a parody, but as a harbinger.


I liked the Trump statue at 00:25 that looks a lot like the giant statue Marcos had erected of himself in the Philippines. But then it also looks a lot like the flying statue from Zardoz.


A Cyriak version of a Trump campaign video would be less horrifying.


What… what are they selling? I’ll take two…


You just know some of his followers are going to assume this is serious and intended as an endorsement from Japan.


Since we’re on the topic of Trump & jpop, somebody made Trump sing a Hatsune Miku song a few months ago




I didn’t even know there was an opening for World President, I really need to pay more attention to the political landscape.


Feels like being quartered by two trippy steeds and two vomitous horses.


Roger That!


I thought it showed admirable taste and restraint.

No, I’m serious. The swastika is only on-screen for half a second.



A buddy that knows how I love everything Japanese to the same degree that I hate everything tRump sent this to me yesterday and then sat back to watch my head explode. My head didn’t explode and apparently my love is greater than my hate. At least in the context of a mock commercial. I just looked over at him and said: I’m changing parties.


Summer blockbuster time! So…someone managed to pirate a copy of the super-happy-fun-secret opening for the RNC in Cleveland. Surprisingly slick production values for frumpy, frightened Republicans and globally paranoid right wingers. Maybe I’ve misjudged them.