Watch: Trump posts humiliating video showing him as "king of the jungle... so hot..."

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Is there a source showing Trump posted it, or just a guy tweeting the claim, and embedding the video?


The laziest of all cats, they sleep about 20 hrs a day.


I wouldn’t watch that even if you paid me to.


Every time I see a picture of Trumpf with his ridiculous red tie hanging down to his crotch I throw up a little in my mouth.


That’s how clothes fit, if you keep stiffing your tailor.


I hate this asshole as much as anyone else. But in ten years they’ll be looking back at how folks dress now and criticize. Ties is too short. Knot is too big. Jacket too short. Pants too tight. etc.

Attacking his character for being a lying. racist. misogynistic, traitorous, corrupt asshole is enough.


You’re right, but pointing out he’s a lying, racist, misogynistic, traitorous, corrupt asshole just leaves him smiling back at us like a racist, misogynistic, traitorous, corrupt asshole. Telling him his hands are too small hurts his feelers, though, so I don’t see a reason not to hit him on all fronts.


Maybe because insulting him for things like his hands just plays right into their victimhood narrative, while pointing out their actual destructive beliefs doesn’t?


Might as well poke the sadistic, small-handed, poorly dressed wanna-be lion where it hurts. It’s not like he or his followers are going to respond to reason.



Oh so you mean to say he’s just ahead of his time with his fashion choices? That’s an interesting take.

It’s not like men’s fashion for formal/semi-formal wear hasn’t changed all that much over the past hundred years. The cuts, prints, accessories, and styles may change of course, but things should generally, you know, fit properly. He’s notoriously vain and clearly he can afford a tailor, so the only conclusion I can make is that he consciously chooses to look frumpy, like a child wearing a grown-up’s clothes.

I mean, whatever, dress how you want, I don’t give a shit. But this is a guy who thinks image is everything, and yet he can’t put together an outfit that fits properly?


Every attack on him would play into his victimhood narrative, including imprisoning him, stripping him of his assets and deplatforming him. If he receives his just desserts, he, and many of his followers, would continue to take that as proof of his sainthood and potency. Tyranny is susceptible to comedy.


Not a fan of “immagration” much prefer “emmagration” - to many maga already

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Sorry, but the main thing I notice here is the inclusion in the tale of “the lioness… she starts messin’ with him” exactly as Melania appears. Is he threatening revenge on her in front of everyone?

I have great trouble believing this is real but on the twitter comments, I see “United Spot is a (pro Trump) parody account, but they claim that Trump played this on a big screen at his NV rally.”

EDIT: one commenter correctly points out that the better Walken to quote from is “The Dead Zone”.


Yeah, that really struck me. (And that it’s a central part of the voice-over, that the other animals thought he was weak because of that.) I don’t know how much actually attention Trump pays to these things, though. I suspect he hears a few things he likes - “Hey, they’re calling me a strong sexy lion with a great head of hair, who will get revenge!” - and ignores the rest. The question is, what are the key elements as far as he’s concerned. Definitely seems like that was a point the video-maker was going for, though.

That doesn’t surprise me at all - the video seems like a dig at him, but he’s so focused on getting overt compliments that he ignores the more subtle digs. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, though it’s usually his supporters doing it. (Though if it played at a rally, he might not have approved it himself and it was the work of supporters.)

I looked at United Spot a little bit (incognito natch) and they have lots of stuff like this. So if I’m following the timeline right, they made it (with the lioness and all) for twitter, his people saw it there and showed it to him, he approved it.

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No, it just gives them more ammo and the centrists wring their hands about how “unfair” the left is being again. Plus, it doesn’t fucking matter.

I’d much prefer we focus on the imminent danger in front of us, but you do you.

True, but we’re not out to get the support of his hardcore, but the wobbly, both-sides middle.

I don’t find that kind of thing particularly funny. It’s sort of grade school comedy that’s generally employed by bullies that I’d hope most of us grew out of by like 4th grade…


I think Trump first started publicly likening himself to a lion when someone compared him to Mussolini in 2016 and he didn’t get that it was supposed to be a bad thing.