What happens when your political photo goes viral in 2017


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So… people are angry at him because he made a photograph that shows that some foreigner does not love Trump or -oh shit- would make fun of him?

I do not usually invoke the Nazis this early on a BBS discussion, but that’s some quality fascist reaction.


No no, they’re not angry because of that. They’re angry because he obviously faked this photo, because how could somebody in Japan disrespect Donald? atseanbonner isn’t who he says he is, and the sticker isn’t even adhesive.

I suspect 281 must be an American in Japan, because how many Japanese people would recognize those KKK hoods? But I wouldn’t go so far as to say this proves he isn’t an actual person, or the sticker was made by a different 281, or maybe it was actually 282. Angry trolls do not logic.


Pretty sure the Japanese are aware of the KKK. It’s one of those images of America that’s been successfully spreading around the world over many decades.


One thing that fascinates me about this is the speed of the thing.

He tweeted the photo a few days ago, and now it’s already time to do a postmortem discussion about it.


Anything that contradicts their opinion is fake. There’s no reasoning with that wall of illogic.


I would just like to compliment 281_Anti Nuke, that’s some nice design work.


Agreed. I find his image of a lizard with a bloody severed tail to mimic the Japanese flag to be rather good. Lots of Hmmmmmm.

However, the Trump/Klan sticker appears to be by someone else based on his body of work. Different sensibility, humor, color pallet, shapes, etc. It’s possible of course. I certainly have had epiphanies and/or blinding moments of brilliance to create something entirely different than the usual.


I love how minimalist the design is…


‘the hills are alive’


If you think that’s quality stuff, wait until #nextpresident starts going all Erdogan when someone violates his sense of lese majeste.*

[* not that he’d be able to define that term]


I want to ‘Like’ this but I know it’s only a matter of time.

Time expressed in hours.


I love good Street Art. When I was in Italy I found a stencil paint of R. Lee Ermey’s character in Full Metal Jacket and took a pic of it. I then gave him a copy when I saw him at a book signing.

My other gem is a large spray paint on a train that said “Everything is coming up Millhouse” with said character in the middle.

I like the Trump sticker. The Japanese know racism, so maybe if they are calling you out on it, you should reevaluate some things.


This is about ethics in photojournalism!



The real question is:


In quantity.


You couldnt resist could you?

Wow… this guy is nuts! Some of his art is kinda clever but boy is he a whacko! A tiny bit of googling in the japanese web space (not even cespools like 2ch) and it seems even some of the local Left think he’s nuts.

OK that aside, obviously he is one of the local hardcore saiyoku who completely hates the V22 Osprey and seems to believe they are part of some vast conspiracy, but this image kinda was neat:

In fact I like it so much that I might consider getting stickers made, maybe just of the V22.

Doesnt seem to be american by my reading. As far as who would recognize KKK hoods here, damn few. Very damn few.



it’s how things roll in the 21st century. sometimes it’s stunning.


They almost certainly imagine lesé majesty to be some variety of lesbian porn involving monarchs.


It’s amazing to me how quickly the victims of fake news have been able to turn the concept of “fake news” on its head. It’s simply become another tool for them to outright dismiss any information they don’t like.


Who cares about internet comments, that sticker is awesome.

Now the next question would be: Am I brave enough to put it on my car?