Johnny Depp's joke about assassinating Trump makes White House "sad."


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“President Trump has condemned violence in all forms”


Garbage person says incredibly stupid thing about another garbage person. Whoda thunk?



I have a similar joke that goes, “I’d get into politics, but the last time a failed artist did that, it didn’t work out so well…”


Trump is a grade A asshole and has actively incited violence. That doesn’t make this right.


“has condemned violence in all forms”

…as long as he hasn’t authorized them.


Apparently Ted Nugent, after the guy attacked the GOP baseball practice recently, issued a pretty interesting statement where he says he was wrong to use such language in the past, and is trying to find more productive ways to engage in debate about issues. Maybe there’s hope?

Especially given the recent attack, I don’t think statements like Depp’s are really all that useful. It just cements opposition, versus engages with opposition, which has to happen. We might not flip the “crazies,” but we need to find a way to flip the, I dunno, 25% of GOP voters who are “reachable.” I don’t see violent language going too far in achieving that goal.

Edit: Here’s a link.


Well, yeah, Trump and his apologists are intellectually dishonest hypocrites with little to no shame. That doesn’t make what Depp said ok, does it?


Or maybe his guy’s in office now.

Depp is an asshole. Nugent is a freaking psychopath.


With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Not only did this out-of-touch dipshit give the faux news grievance machine plenty of ammo with this, he also just favorably compared Kim Jong Don to Abraham Lincoln.



Quite the choice of metaphors for someone who is mocking someone else for their violent rhetoric. Just sayin.


I think it is good to also point out that he wasn’t inciting American’s to violence against its own leaders, like Trump and Nugent did. He was making a joke in the UK to bridge the obvious discomfort everyone in the world has with our current administration. He made a poor choice for a joke perhaps, but his goal was clearly humor, which again is totally different then Trump or Nugent’s goal of stirring up enraged support.

if we are going to call out both like the news people seem so key to do, lets make sure we call them for what they really are and keep some realistic context.

trump = intentionally inciting hate and rage
nugent = intentionally inciting hate and rage
depp = attempt at humor with a distasteful hate based joke.


Oh, but Nugent now feels bad about that, because of the shooting the other week where some GOP members got shot, so it’s all okay now.

Whoops! @NickyG beat me to it!





quite the adult response, thank you for that.


Maybe Trump should invite him to the White House like he did with this guy:


God, every time I see that shit-eating grin behind the Resolute Desk, I realize I would much rather be looking at something related to House of Cards.