Remix of Ted Nugent grabbing own genitals at a Trump rally pretty much sums things up, yep


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I lasted about 8 grabs and then had to stop the video. Going to the office kitchenette to look for eye bleach now. :sob:


Thanks for taking one for the team; no way was I clicking on that shit.


This video seems to also appropriate:


Kinda disgusting beyond belief.


Well at least it was his own, and not “that blonde.”


If Nugent goes to a black tie event, does he still wear green, brown, or camo?



Yeah. There is no good reason to watch it. Just don’t. It’s not funny. It’s just a vile person grabbing himself over and over and over.

The only good thing this could do is to turn off some conservatives from voting for Trump. But, yes, I know they will find a way to vote for him despite seeing this.

Random hypothetical thought: What if Hillary was running as the Republican and Trump as the Democrat. With their views swapped to aligned with these parties but everything else (personalities, inappropriate comments, pants suits, misogyny, etc…) exactly the same as it is now.

How would you vote? And remember, if Hillary® gets nominated, she is going to stack the Supreme Court with a bunch of conservatives.

It hurts my brain to try and imagine being in such a dilemma.


I would vote for Republican Hillary. Real Hillary is practically a Republican already, and any iteration of Trump is a megalomaniac fascist madman. I was scared of Trump even when he was running against the much more conservative Ted Cruz.


He can grab all he wants. There will never be anything there.


A couple of observations:

1 This is the most Ted Nugent I’ve seen or heard in my life.

2 So his penis is a “blue state?” Really? I don’t think he completely understands the metaphor.


Pretty much my thoughts verbatim. Better to have someone that can do the job that I don’t agree with, than someone I do agree with but is unable to adequately do the job. Lets hope some moderate republicans make the same choice.

Now I can’t help but hear Trump saying liberal talking points in his nonsensical way: “We are going to take the guns, all the guns, we are going to take them, we are going to put them in a big hole, and we are going to say no big time. Oh!, look at those hooters… GUNS BAD! Vote for ME!”


Wait what, Chaldeans for Trump at 00.16? I thought they kind of faded from the scene after Cyrus the Great formed the Achaemaenid Empire.

[googles] Nope, they’re still around.


That’s at about the same point as the Blacks For Trump sign being held by the white guy.


You’re not from Michigan, are you?


Did he shit himself on stage?


He’s talking about Michigan, so I guess he just grabbed the upper peninsula with the big mitten.

or would that be the lower peninsula in that case?


Did they mean chachi, or Scott Baio? :thinking:


I’d prefer to consider this parallel universe random hypothetical choice: Jeb Bush ® vs. Charlie Sheen (D).

That’s probably the kind of situation the establishment Republicans feel. I have very little sympathy for conservative orthodoxy, but I can see some difficulty in choosing a sane candidate with disagreeable views vs an insane candidate who (sometimes) says things I agree with.