#JoinJuliana: Kids suing U.S. government over climate change need your help

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/02/19/kids-suing-u-s-government-ove.html

‘They said we could never win. And then we started winning.’ — Young people around the U.S. are taking legal action in the fight against climate change. #JoinJuliana


About to start

In ~10 minutes :hugs:


Maybe I’m too cynical, but lawsuits? Sounds like someone may be getting rich from this.

It’s not a morally sound concept, but I have thought for some time that a person’s vote should be weighed by the amount of years they have left to live going by average life expectancy. Especially in overaged societies, it is far to easy for the older generations to screw up things for their children by greed, ignorance and plain stupidity.

As rich as people are getting by profiteering over the denial of climate science? Fossil fuel companies have sued the government numerous times against measures that protect species, keeps the land from being despoiled, reduces pollution, etc. If they can sue, than so can the people of this country, whom the government is supposed to be working for.


Money is not the only possible result of a lawsuit. The court can also compel certain actions.




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