Jordan bans halloween celebrations


You will hear much official fundamentalist and anti-Israel wackado-ism from Jordan as long as they are threatened by Islamic Caliphate.
The Hashemite kings of Jordan are realists, who since being gifted about 70% of the post-WW-I Palestine mandatory territory as a consolation after being ejected from Arabia by the victorious house of Saud, they generally just want to keep power and are pragmatically western oriented. They have a parliamentary democracy which I believe rules at the pleasure of the king.

Sounds like the Puritan reasoning for banning Christmas:

That more mischief is that time committed than in all the year besides, what masking and mumming, whereby robbery whoredom, murder and what not is committed? What dicing and carding, what eating and drinking, what banqueting and feasting is then used, more than in all the year besides, to the great dishonour of God and impoverishing of the realm.

Riots? There are only riots if you give out raisins. God help you if you give out raisins.

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Nowadays “Murderous Robber Whore” is quickly becoming one of the most popular traditional Halloween costumes.

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In the middle east they prefer sultanas.

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“Murderous Robber Whore”. I swear, we’re going to have to change our name at every garage jam to keep up with all the good band names.

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