Ex con fraudster felon Jim Bakker claims 'Merry Christmas' Was Outlawed


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/17/ex-con-fraudster-felon-jim-bak.html


I remember this! The National Council on Seasonal and Holiday-based Greetings and Salutations (NCSHGS—or “Nikshugs”) was forced to rescind the Merry Christmas ban. It was a big deal.


I read “Merry Fraudster”, but actually, looking again, Jim looks miserable


‘Cum soup bucket’?

Cannot unsee.


He is desperate to remain relevant, even to foolish rubes.


I have nothing, but contempt for this felonious sack of shit. If a more translucent example of what evangelist “preachers” are really doing ever surfaces, I’ll be gobsmacked.


I don’t know which is sadder: the fact that he made this claim, or that there’ll be rubes who’ll say that they remember it too.


I suppose it’s funny. Scrolling past I thought it said Jesus And Miracles Necklace and Bucket.

But isn’t this another one of those cases where giving this guy any attention only serves to give him more power than he can possibly be trusted with? Shouldn’t he just be left to quietly ramble in obscurity?


Triple redundancy is hereby outlawed.


Why shouldn’t he? This Xtianist grifter shares a lot of born suckers with the president*, so he might as well get in on the action, too.





They outlawed ‘Merry Christmas’ a few years ago and you know it,” he said on his show on Thursday. “You couldn’t even say ’Merry Christmas’ at Walmart and the Walmart greeters told me they weren’t allowed to say it.”

Dad’s first reaction would have been to squint, pause, and ask, “who’s they…?”


Yeah but as part if the compromise it is now legal to punch someone who says it. So win-win.


Who or what then are we supposed to mock and ridicule for their moronic and loathsome ways?

I really don’t think a post on BoingBoing is going to increase his viewership.


Well… Perhaps more individuals who are already well-publicized, whose moronic and loathsome ways are less readily apparent? One post here might become more posts elsewhere, and so on.

But I have no doubt that I am being too optimistic in thinking that something like this can be so easily buried.


He died a few years ago - that’s just an animatronic Bakker.


Oh damn. I never heard about this. I’ve been going around blithely wishing people a merry Christmas for years and years. If this ever gets investigated, my career is so over!


Criminal televangelist cum soup bucket peddler

Oh, that’s going into a song.


The next time someone gets mad at you for wishing them “Happy Holidays,” tell them “Okay then … Merry Christmas. But a Miserable New Year to you, sir or madam.” That’ll teach 'em.


I have a relative who thought “Merry Xmas” was created by Jews who wanted to “X out” Christ.

I showed her the Wikipedia article on the term’s origins, and noted that “X” is the Greek letter for K, as in:



But, you know, a reason to hate a group you distrust isn’t easily let go. She probably thinks Jews edited Wikipedia to cover their tracks.