Sure, Fall's a great season. Unless you are a Native American


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Would it make a difference if the evildoer was actually Indian, and that was his natural hair?


“during a Washington football team game in New Jersey” + “He is obviously an asshole”

Actually, I’m good with that!


Cosplay shouldn’t be offensive?


only more proof the internet is mostly white middle class. give up your pie-on-ear cowboy ways!!


I dunno… is blackface just cosplaying as an African American?


Good point in the article about the problem that redface is more acceptable than blackface.

I’m surprised the author didn’t go after racist team names too. When IS that Washington team finally going to cave?


Yet nobody seems to be bothered much about Jews for Jesus(almost no actually Jewish people) cosplaying as orthodox Jews.
I suppose for me it could be a look the other way situation but they(J4Js) seem genuinely pissed when people fight them listing in the yellow pages as an (always orthodox) synagogue rather than a church hoping someone accidentally shows up and hears ‘the truth’ and other dishonest tricks. Though that is nothing compared to the shitstorm they caused during the 2003 Iraq war in the Army chaplains office, some REMF high up was redirecting private Jewish community donations for passover kosher food and seder kits away from Jewish troops to J4J cosplay Jesus-seder events.
Simple Halloween cosplaying as a yid doesn’t bother me so much in itself, in fact it is a little dissapointing that my ancient tradition is eclipsed by Vikings, natives of the Americas, Greek, Roman, Persian warriors, but nobody ever seems to find us heroic enough to create some caricature of a Jew, outside of antisemitic contexts.


srsly, AnglingSaxon?
The name says it all…


You never went to my childhood church on halloween night then. The kids dressed up as David outnumbered any other individual costume 5:1. Of course that’s a very specific Jew, and the costume is really “we guess a bronze age shepherd kid wore middle-easty garb”.


I always feel like the King David, like you find in kids books, is stripped of Jewish identity and becomes one of Jesus’s bible pals. Like you have to remind people that the same nation in the bible who went out of Egypt and spawned David and Solomon also 100% includes their gynecologist, accountant, and Sandy Koufax. This is an impression reinforced attending a Lutheran private school(what fun!) in Wisconsin.


Are Jewish people still a systematically oppressed minority in the current US context?


Do kids really still wear Indian costumes at Halloween?

Around here, it is pretty much Star Wars or Harry Potter for the boys and Anna or Elsa for the girls…


Immitation is the most sincere form of flattery.


Noo, itt’s reallly noot.


You would have to ask the cosplayer what they were going for. I don’t think it’s fair to assume the worst.


It’s the legal name of a thing though.

Would you have a difficult time sending this guy a thank you note if he sent you a gift?


What are you even talking about with that comparison?

And, just because something is “legal,” that makes it right?


that makes it right?

Not always.


Even Al Jolson is not amused: