The rise and fall of American Hallowe'en costumes


Witches rule us all.

Imma be a witch.

What I wonder is what percentage of clowns were “scary clowns” as opposed to your happy go-lucky non-scary clowns.*

*aware that all clowns are scary I am.

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Dracula isn’t a vampire?


What is with the non-horror related costumes? Why do people dress up in just random fancy dress for Halloween?

Makes no sense to me. But then again, I’m the sort of person who turns the lights off and doesn’t open the door on Halloween. Not my thing at all. But I’m a misanthrope.


I predict a huge upswing for characters from Frozen in the 2014 data.

What’s meant by “vixen”? I’m thinking it doesn’t refer to female fox…


I’m also curious about vixen/nurse overlap. Clearly, we need some Venn diagrams.


Well, at least a few of my son’s costumes haven’t hit the top 10 for the year in which they were worn: 2009 - lobster, 2010 - jawa, 2012 - Yoda, 2013 - ghost skeleton (gotta love that 4 year old imagination). This year he’s chosen Batman, which seems to be trending toward number 1 for this year, and interrupts the Star-Wars-every-other-year trend. :frowning:


Witch is first?

Ain’t that the truth! This year its going to be Vampire Darth Vader.


You know, poorer kids from other neighborhoods come to my neighborhood, too. Before I had a kid to trot around the neighborhood myself, I thought it was a really nice thing to give these kids a good fistful of candy, and purchased bags of candy accordingly. As do pretty much everyone else in my neighborhood who turns on the porch light. My neighborhood isn’t anywhere near 1% territory, either. So, to the over-privileged whinger writing to Prudie, I say: Christ, what an asshole.


Shenanigans. None of these are prefaced with “Sexy…”


Here’s some visual documentation of the current state of the vixen/nurse overlap. No, this is not a good state.


I want to give you more <3, because by the time 5 rolls around, the imagination can get co-opted by peers and commercialism. :frowning:

Well, my kids actually 7 now, so there’s hope yet!

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Now this is a vixen nurse:

Athlete? Come on! That must be one of the laziest costumes ever…

I take my kids to what I guess is a fancier neighborhood than my own. Not because it’s really noticeably fancier, but just because ours is one of maybe six homes on our street that decorates for Halloween, and the neighborhood we commute to, some three miles west of us, has nearly every house getting in on the act, and wall-to-wall trick-or-treaters. It’s like the Platonic ideal of trick-or-treating neighborhoods. On even-numbered years, you kind of have to look past the Republican lawn signs the week before Election Day, but otherwise it’s a genuinely awesome neighborhood for that one night a year.

Maybe some of the people there would sniff if we knew we imported ourselves from the wrong side of the Arroyo, but if anyone there noticed or cared, they haven’t said anything yet. Of course, if our skin matched that of most of my immediate neighbors, the story might very well be different.


hence the popularity…

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Sexy ebola Containment Suit

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