Jordan Klepper finds the crazy at America's largest gun show

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I lived in CT in 1988 and ARs (and AKs) were already sought for being ‘cool’ and for the plentiful ammo supply. Everyone had at least one for plinking. Also started were the ‘zombie apocalypse’ splinter types who were ready for [whatever] and stocking ammo/freeze dried food, building underground shelters, and planning which neighbors would make the best allies.

It’s now become a lifestyle choice for angry wannabes who don’t have the capacity for long-term planning, and who are triggered on a quicker scale.


It should be self-evident that…more lethal guns in more hands = more lethal guns in the wrong hands. We can all look around and see that the concept that more guns make us individually safer and freer is not working as promoted. At least it seems evident to those of us that can look beyond our own narrow self-interest at the bigger picture.

So can this awareness be exported effectively to those who oppose any restrictions on gun ownership? Not a chance. It’s a cultural thing, just like the MAGA movement. It’s not subject to logic or reason, because it originates in a zone that is not logical or reasonable. It’s all gut feelings and tribal identity and based on fears and propaganda.

Once it became clear that the massacre of innocent children in school could be ignored and justified as the price we all pay for “freedom”, we as a country accepted our fate. Sad, but true.


Did he even make it to the door before he found the crazy?



Why do you need a comic to show that?


ATTN: any ammosexuals reading this topic (I know you are!). This is how normal, well-adjusted people who are secure about themselves view you.


There was a bit there where he found the wild hog thing surprising it seems? The Feral Hog problem is a big deal and getting worse. Although studies say shooting them just leaves the wilier, more dangerous ones.

“If you don’t know how to outsmart these pigs, you’re just further educating them,”

I suppose we can say the same for gun companies.


It’s getting worse because people are deliberately transporting them to new areas… so they can hunt them.


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