“Journey for Justice” marchers protesting police murders of black men confronted with Confederate flags

We don’t have stop-and-frisk in Detroit, either. It appears to be a NYC thing - one of the oldest cities in the US with an equally long history of discriminating against whatever group rich white patricians are scared of.

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Looking past the ‘white cops on a black man killing rampage’ that BB seems to be promoting, the real reason for these deaths seems to be lack of respect and compliance with authority.

Because clearly “disrespect of cop” means you deserve to be shot, because deflation of ego is literally life-threatening for a cop. I can only presume a fully inflated ego is necessary for buoyancy.


The banner they carry with the list of names…it looks longer than the list at the Vietnam War Memorial. (Which wouldn’t surprise me.) Anyone know the numbers?

My kids knew by middle school to travel in small groups with the darkest kids firmly in the center with the lightest kids on the outside. This is the “post-racial world” they have grown up in.

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I too am suspicious of vaguely defensive (white) Southern pride, but then, among the top ten most segregated cities, NONE of them are actually in “the South.” The rest of the country also still has a lot to answer for.



Milwaukee was surprising to me, because the county borders seem to have a Berlin Wall: absolutely no color other than blue (for whites) the instant Milwaukee county hits Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties. That’s impressive, in a really bad way.

Yup – solid Scott Walker strongholds, those places. But I’m sure most people in them are very, very nice. :-/

For a VERY specific definition of the word “nice”.

Just gross. HeadDesk.

The “american dream” looks a lot nicer in the brochure.


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