Joy Division Oven Gloves?

So I’m a huge Joy Division fan, and I never heard this song…

And these are a thing:


I’m certain I’ve posted it here before as I’m a huge HMHB fan. Great band. :smile:

For me, PBR = Perpetual Biscuit Reference.


For me EVERY day is a PBR. Usually along the lines of this:

Probably contains one of my fave HMHB lyrics, too, “There’s a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets”.

Still haven’t heard their latest; is it any good - or is it offal…? (Sorry!)

Do you frequent Chris’s fan page…? (Shite with names, can never remember his surname). If so, our paths may have crossed before… The jukebox in my head is now rendering 'He’s On The ‘Roids’ for some hitherto, and hitherforth, unknown reason.


It really is just Mad Libs, right?

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Not yet. Must track it down soon. :smile:

Heh. Not for a while, and I was almost certainly another person then, but it’s possible we’ve crossed paths online.

I keep getting weird little nexuses like that here. There’s obscure gigs and small events that I know I’ve attended at the same time as other posters here, even if we may not have met IRL.

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