Judge banned mother from breastfeeding because she got a tattoo


I think you’re just kind of annoying people because you came in here trying to tell people what’s what using demonstrably wrong information, and then instead of backing down you just sort of skipped over the part where you were wrong about the most important details and continued to try to tell everybody what’s up.

A little bit of humility would probably go a long way in making you seem more credible.


I’m very sorry. I’ll delete everything.


I didn’t mean to suggest that…just that if you moderated your tone a little you might be able to have a more productive conversation with the folks here. I personally don’t know much about breastfeeding and was enjoying this thread until it got a little heated.


Is there a rule of nipple for thumb-sucking?


Ugh, I wish. The docs just say it will go away eventually.


I would be interested to know what you learned through this thread, because it seems like you did learn something and have changed your understanding on the topic as a result. This is a great example of Good Jackie versus Bad Jackie. It’s a strength of character to be able to learn instead of double-down in the face of new information.


How is this ban supposed to be enforced? 24 hour watch on the mother? Little cages for her nipples? Confiscate the baby?

Surely the mother can just breastfeed anyway?


Nipple Cage is the name of my new band.


It need not be enforced because a higher court remedied the situation by throwing out the stupid judgement.

As for how the original, erroneous judgement could have been enforced, that would involve the threat of losing custody, which was also a problem as it would give power to what would otherwise essentially be a he said/she said situation between the feuding parents.


Only if it was unprotected.


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