Judge: Burger King must answer lawsuit claiming Whoppers are too small

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Oh, this one’s easy - they just need to respond by keeping the patty the same size and using smaller buns. Menu board becomes accurate and the bun’s cheaper. Shrinkflation wins again


Shrinkflation has happened to my favorite hamburger joint too. Once it could be split for two to enjoy. No more.


On the way to my evening job I would get Whoppers 2/$4 (25 years ago mind you). Now they are like over $9 each. A&W Canada about the only good fast food burger (but still costly at $8.50)… hell, two Teens for $4 I remember too.

On the plus side, my intake of fast food as gone down significantly since 2018 (from choice, then pandemic kept me away… then when things opened up again the prices were through the roof).

They’re all pricing themselves out of business. Being cheeky with portion sizes is being deceptive, most folks don’t like it when they are played for fools.

Little greasy spoon up the street from me, her prices have only gone up maybe 15%, portions the same, all the same… same well-paid staff, same warm greetings… total bang for the buck. Places like that still exist and are deserving of your business.


That’s exactly what’s going to happen. The lawyers will pocket a bunch of money, BK will lower their costs, and customers will be no better off than they were before. Yay.

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The eighties called. They want to say:



I wish that was the case with my favorite local-to-work greasy spoon. Prices doubled post pandemic and while I loved both the food and the attitude of the owner, paying nearly $20 for 2 dogs, a fry, and a 12 oz (no refills anymore and the owner now fills it and piles in the ice) soda is just too much.


As I recall, it’s under the pickle.


If you were in charge of the legal system, what would be your preferred way to handle this?

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Yeah, or just make a tiny 1:10 reduced scale of the whooper for the ad and get the camera really close to it to make it look big. Don’t show any size reference in the ad. And the lawyer can make the argument that, in fact, if anything, you are getting MORE whopper than is depicted in the ad.

Yeah, last time I went into a burger king, a whopper combo was nearly $14. Just the regular size, too, not the extra large order. For that much, I expect a sit-down meal, a waiter, tablecloths, and maybe even a candle, not a bus-you-own-tray and tables with greasy stains left over from the quick swipe from a dirty cloth. But then again, I’m getting old, I guess.


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